What’s the scoop on the Ninja blender?

Ninja blenderLooking for better blenders for our kitchens, we were delighted to discover the remarkable Ninja blenders.

As we did our routine product research, we found hundreds of happy Ninja owners.

They’d written words of praise for the product quality, ease of use, and versatility.

Our reviewed Ninja models:

It’s not easy to find good quality detailed reviews of individual products. Most Ninja blender reviews mention only one or two of a product’s many possible uses or qualities.

Naturally, we found ourselves hopping from one review to another to get the whole picture.

We want to make that research easier for you!

So we present reviews that cover a multitude of each product’s characteristics. In addition to the facts, we include pros, cons, tips, and any other information we can find.

We don’t just write Ninja blender reviews…

We provide Ninja blender review pages! And, like good wines and cheeses, they improve with age.

In our outdoor hours, we grow gardens and raise livestock. We diligently nurture and cultivate our developing plants and critters, from seed to productive plant and from newborn to mature animal.

In a similar way, our product review pages are carefully developed.

We don’t just get them started—we grow them, too!

We check them regularly, feed them, prop them up, and even prune them.

Could a review use a little tweaking? Have we learned anything new? Could we explain something better?

From time to time we’ll post a new recipe, a new photo, or a new video of the product in action.

Because we are innovative and creative cooks, we may come up with some uses for Ninja blenders that are “outside the box.”

Our secrets are not secret–we promise to share!

Ninja Blender ReviewWho makes the Ninja blenders?

Ninja is a brand of household products developed by Euro-Pro Operating LLC. As the name suggests, Euro-Pro originated in Europe. But these days it is an all-American company based in Newton, Massachusetts.

Euro-Pro was a pioneer in innovative cleaning solutions and small household appliances.

For more than a century, the company has developed products to assist busy consumers with the care of their homes and families.

With a focus on producing efficient, innovative, and highly functional appliances, Euro-Pro has become a leading company in the housewares industry. You may recognize some of the other Euro-Pro brands, including Bravetti and Shark.

Euro-Pro strives to provide cutting edge, state of the art products made of quality materials. Another company value is competitive pricing, making the Euro-Pro quality attainable for the average consumer.

A Ninja blender fits the bill.

Basic Comparison of all the Ninja Blenders Available in the Market:

Seven Ninja blenders are currently available online and in retail stores:

The Ninja Blender 1100 (Retails at $160)

Ninja Professional Blender (Retails at $119)

Ninja Pulse Blender (Retails at $ 80)

Ninja Master Prep Pro System (Retails at $ 53)

Q: Can you make bread dough in a Ninja blender?

A: Yes, the Ninja does a great job making bread dough.  You can make all sorts of dough, from cookies to bread to pizza crust.  The included dough hook is very effective and the design of the blender is made so it can knead the dough to the smooth elastic texture that you need for good bread dough.

We are currently working on a cookbook to be released within a few month that features quite a few of the bread recipes we have developed using our Ninja blenders.  We anticipate being able to give away several copies as well as offering a generous discount to our mailing list subscribers, so you may want to subscribe using the opt-in form at the bottom of this page.

Choosing your Ninja Blender

We are committed to reviewing all Ninja models, so bookmark this page and check back to see if we’ve added a new review.  If you are having trouble deciding which Ninja blender is best for you, please do not hesitate to ask!

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